What's On Offer
I am currently offering mobile piano lessons to residents in Mullumbimby and surrounding areas.  All you need is a piano or a keyboard and away we go! No need to drive anywhere, I will come to you and teach you in the comfort of your own home.

One-on-one classes are available to adults and children alike and tailored to your specific interests, whether your preference is to pursue more formal classical training or to be able to play more contemporary styles of music.  To find out if I travel to your area, and for any pricing queries, please don't hesitate to contact me on 0425 787 692 or via the Contact page.

My Teaching Philosophy
My piano teaching philosophy is that everyone can play piano and that music lessons are to be enjoyed!

I tailor each class to the specific needs of my students and aim to provide a well-balanced education so that whatever their interest is, they will have the means to pursue it.  This may include learning the latest pop songs or perhaps a Mozart sonata!  Having been classically trained I place a high value on good technique and aim to impart that to my students so that they are fully equipped for however they choose to pursue music in their lives.  I therefore aim to ensure that students are set-up with good hand mechanics, have the ability read music easily as well as develop their musical ear, and are familiarized with various musical forms, whether they be contemporary or classical.